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But first, have a list of what I've written this year. (I'm tempted to just copy/paste my masterlist *gg*)

Jim/Bones (because I'm writing nothing else, anyway *gg*)

B-52, PG-13. Bones has a surprise gift for Jim. A fill for the St. Patrick's Day Flash Fic Challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.

Dihydroxyacetone, PG-13. Jim attacks Bones with spray tan. A commentfic for this post at [ profile] jim_and_bones.

We're In This Together, PG-13. The boys find themselves in a bad Bram Stoker parody. In space. Fill for the Vampire Weekend Challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.

Dream on, PG-13. Fill for [ profile] umbrellas_can's prompt: Jim wakes to find he's the only man left. What's happened to the others? And is he really as alone as he thinks? for the Flash Fic Challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.

Best Birthday Ever, PG. A commentfic for the first anniversary of [ profile] jim_and_bones.

Maybe I love it, R. Jim may be sure about his feelings. Fill for the Get Wood flash fic challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.

Short trip, PG. It's hot, and Bones wears a pair of shorts. Fill for the Hot and Cold Flash Fic Challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones, prompt: "HOT: Three words: Bones in cutoffs."

Two Weeks, G. It takes him two weeks. Written for the [ profile] day_by_drabble Blue Skies prompt #1, 'Blue Skies' by Irving Berlin.

Fire in your eyes, G. Fireworks are not always about celebrating. Written for the [ profile] day_by_drabble Blue Skies prompt #2, fireworks.

No you don't, R. A boring talk on a hot day. Written for the [ profile] day_by_drabble Blue Skies prompt #12, sultry.

Some kind of stranger, PG-13, modern day AU. Breaking down with his car is not how he planned to spend his weekend. Written for the [ profile] day_by_drabble Blue Skies prompt #18: sweat.

Heart of Sand, G. Jim draws a heart into the sand. Written for the [ profile] day_by_drabble Blue Skies prompt #32, picture of a heart drawn into sand.

Bones in leather pants, PG. Bones wears leather pants. Written for the Happy 100 prompt fest at [ profile] mccoy_and_kirk

Happy Birthday to Me, PG. Bones forgets how to operate a hypospray. Written for the Chris Pine Birthday Post at [ profile] jim_and_bones

No one to call, everybody to fear, PG-13, mentions of blood, implied character deaths. For [ profile] kcscribbler's prompt "Twisted version of the Shore Leave(esque, if you're not a TOS-er) planet: instead of what you want to see, the faulty!technology/aliens/heaven-only-knows-what brings to life the crew's worst nightmares instead of daydreams" for the Halloween challenge at [ profile] st_plotbunnies. Also for [ profile] baka_yu, whom I promised to write her a zombie fic.

Messages in Green ( for [ profile] startrekbigbang), NC-17, minor character death, m/m sex, violence, deaths, gore, hints to off-screen non-con, AU. Leonard McCoy, professional wizard, private investigator and consultant to the SFPD, is out of his depth as a murder series brings back memories from his past. When Jim Kirk, captain of SF Special Investigations Department, is kidnapped, Leonard has to face this past - and a man he long thought was dead.

When You Come Back In From Nowhere, PG-13. Jim goes missing. Bones searches for answers - and finds something he didn't see coming. Written for [ profile] space_wrapped prompt: There is a TOS episode in which Spock and McCoy watch the video of Jim that he made for if he was killed on a mission, and it makes them realize some things, right? So, that, only what McCoy finds is the stash of stuff Jim has bought various people (his mom, his nephews, his bridge crew) for Christmas, with a list of the things he means to get McCoy, except there's a lot of crossing out and fretting over getting McCoy's gift just right, maybe with things like "me, wrapped up in a bow" crossed out (like, with notes to self of he wouldn't want this?). When they get Jim back, McCoy makes it clear actually yes, all he wants is Jim.

It's Time For A Resolution, PG. For [ profile] _samalander's prompt "Bones: Stop letting Jim talk him into making stupid resolutions." for the Resolutions flash fic challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.

Two fills for [ profile] comment_fic, one for the prompt "You can stand under my umbrella" and one for the prompt "Any, male/male, Christmas", both rated G.

Darwin Tremor/ Kyrill, Smokin' Aces/The Bourne Supremacy (because sometimes, I'm capable of writing other pairings, too)

Catch a Falling Knife, R, mentions of violence and death. For the prompt "Character A is fawning after Character B from afar. A finally takes action." of the Worlds Collide crossover challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.

Writing meme/questions

This year I wrote and posted: 20 fic(lets), with the total word count of 41527 words oO (and yes, comment fics and flash challenges are my downfall *gg*)

Overall Thoughts

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Definitely more. I didn't really plan on writing anything, and then I got swallowed by the Star Trek fandom...

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?

Uhm, Darwin/Kirill? I still don't know how I ended up writing that fic *gg*

What's your own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?

For one, there is my [ profile] startrekbigbang. It was a bitch to write and a bitch to edit (and it's a small wonder [ profile] jactrades is still talking to me *gg*), but I felt so accomplished when I finally posted it.

The other one is Catch a Falling Knife, because I think I captured the atmosphere pretty well.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

Not that I know of...

From my past year of writing, what was....

My best story of this year

See above ^^

My most popular story of this year (based on comments):

All in all, I think that's Messages in Green.

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

I've got plenty of lovely feedback on any of my fics, so I have no answer to this.

Most fun story to write:

No one to call, everybody to fear, because zombies *gg*

Story with the single sexiest moment:

I'd say that's Maybe I love it.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

None that I could think of...

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

Sorry, but again, no.

Hardest story to write:

Messages in Green, because it had been ages since I wrote anything that long, and it started out completely differently, and than I changed the POV four times and yeah - a bitch to write *gg*

Biggest Disappointment:

That I couldn't take part in NaNoWriMo, but yeah, next year. Definitely next year.

Biggest Surprise:

That I could write Jim Kirk at all? That my sex scenes aren't as bad as I think they are? I don't know *gg*

Most Unintentionally Telling Story:


Fic-writing goals for 2012:

Writing more, writing better, trying to finish a ton of WIPs...

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