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Yes, I went there

I wrote Avengers fic. Tony/Bruce Avengers fic. Tony-and-Bruce-are-totally-boyfriends-and-in-love-with-each-other Avengers fic. I blame it on [ profile] nessaniel, and on these pictures. And on chronic boredom ;)

At least I'm writing again.

Of ice cream and monstrous cars

Read it, don't read it, leave feedback or run away screaming, whatever you feel like *gg* In case you're wondering, with Star Trek insignia I meant the A on the back of Tony's car.

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ich will doch so gerne tony/thor fics haben D: einfach, weil die beiden gut aussehen D:

oder thor/steve D:

ach...thor/mit allen

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Ich hab da was mit Thor im Kopf, das will schon die ganze Zeit raus, vielleicht finde ich ja die Zeit es zu schreiben (es ist mal wieder jemand anderes Schuld *gg*)