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In case you haven't heard already (because like me, you are living under a rock *gg*), not only Noel Clarke will join the cast of the next Star Trek, but there's also Benedict Cumberbatch cast as a villain.

I can't tell you how I feel right now, because coherent thought has fled my brain. I'm squeeing so hard right now ^^
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Guess who just signed up to the Reel Love Challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.

Yep, I'm mad, why are you asking?

I blame it on the theme - a rom-com starring Jim and Bones? As if I could resist that *gg* I've been planning to write an adaption of "Pillow Talk" since last summer, so yeah, great timing *gg*
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Title: It's Time For A Resolution
Rating: PG
Word count: ~690
Summary: For [ profile] _samalander's prompt "Bones: Stop letting Jim talk him into making stupid resolutions." for the Resolutions flash fic challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.
A/N: Written at work, so not beta-read.
Disclaimer: If life was a dream, I would own this. It's not, so Star Trek belongs to CBS and Paramount.

Story at my fanfiction journal
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You can ignore this, I'm just trying to keep track of things *gg*

  • [ profile] startrekbigbang: Add, edit, polish, finish, dammit!

  • [community profile] kink_bingo: It's still some time left, but seeing that I still struggle with at least one prompt - maybe I'll just post what I can come up with during the amnesty period.

  • Zombie fic for [ profile] baka_yu, along this prompt from [ profile] st_plotbunnies: Twisted version of the Shore Leave(esque, if you're not a TOS-er) planet: instead of what you want to see, the faulty!technology/aliens/heaven-only-knows-what brings to life the crew's worst nightmares instead of daydreams. Or not, who knows *gg*

  • [ profile] space_wrapped: Signed up for the prompt There is a TOS episode in which Spock and McCoy watch the video of Jim that he made for if he was killed on a mission, and it makes them realize some things, right? So, that, only what McCoy finds is the stash of stuff Jim has bought various people (his mom, his nephews, his bridge crew) for Christmas, with a list of the things he means to get McCoy, except there's a lot of crossing out and fretting over getting McCoy's gift just right, maybe with things like "me, wrapped up in a bow" crossed out (like, with notes to self of he wouldn't want this?). When they get Jim back, McCoy makes it clear actually yes, all he wants is Jim. Don't ask *gg* (I don't even like Christmas oO)

  • NaNoWriMo with The epic self prompt What if Jim is the one with aviophobia. I'm still going to write this, I just don't know when *gg*

  • [ profile] jim_and_bones MiniBang, which I haven't really thought of, yet.

  • [ profile] xover_exchange: If there is a crossover catching my eye... *gg*

  • There may be a fic exchange on [ profile] mccoy_and_kirk in spring, and there is [ profile] km_anthology where I might keep an eye on.

Additionally to that, I just thought how awesome it would be if someone rewrote "The Enemy Within" and/or "Turnabout Intruder" in AOS (and maybe with another character).

Well, whatever. Socializing, I'm doing it wrong *gg*
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Title: Catch a Falling Knife
Rating: R
Word count: 1857
Warnings: Mentions of violence and death.
Summary: For the prompt "Character A is fawning after Character B from afar. A finally takes action." of the Worlds Collide crossover challenge at [ profile] jim_and_bones.
A/N: Things you learn in fandom - never claim a pairing when you're drunk *gg* Not beta-read, so I'm sorry for any SPAG fail in advance ^^
Disclaimer: None of this I own. I'm only playing around with it.

Story here
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Ich hab das gerade für [ profile] jim_and_bones verfasst, aber kann es nicht posten (argh), also parke ich es hier ;)

A not so serious take on Smokin' Aces )
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This never fails to make me smile ^^.

{via [ profile] daily_urbine}

And because this is relevant to my interests: MOAR McCoy
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Hab ich schon gesagt: *squeeee*?

Oh man, selbst wenn der Film scheiße ist, aber David Tennant in der Aufmachung? Totally worth it!

(Ich spiele ja mit dem Gedanken, mir Stargate Atlantis auf DVD zuzulegen - schlimm, sowas *lol*)
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Ich fürchte, viel Sinn ergibt das folgende nicht. Egal.

Obligatorische Spoilerwarnung fr Harry Potter 7.1 )
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Immer, wenn ich nicht schlafen kann, starte ich Photoshop.

Also, falls jemand einen Karl Urban Wallpaper möchte, bitte

klicken )
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6 verträumte Icons von Matt Smith und Arthur Darvill

Nehmt sie euch, lasst es bleiben, hotlinking ist doof, credit wäre nett ;)
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Nächtliche Beschäftigung, Teil 500 ;)

Hier in meinem Iconjournal.
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